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Amber Butler

High Energy Entertainment Marketing Professional who steps outside the box to find creative, effective solutions.

Known for identifying gaps, pinpointing opportunities and devising strategic partnerships that drive revenue.

Possessing a consistent record of building successful national events while leveraging deeply rooted relationships in the industry.

Experience in creating multi channel marketing campaigns; print media, radio promotions, streaming and digital marketing campaigns.


"You can have the greatest business or sales proposition in the world, but unless your prospect personally likes you and trusts you, you're going to lose out on some business. That never happens with Amber Butler. She is the most energetic, engaging and likable person you'll meet. She takes care of relationships and it absolutely shows in the results she generates for her clients and her employer. Amber's work ethic is unquestioned. She has supreme integrity and I honestly can't believe you have the incredible opportunity to hire her. Just do it. She has my highest recommendation”

-Mike Miller, former Senior Vice President of Salem Media Group



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